Requirements for TTP300 (Advanced Teacher Training) Certification:

Following are the graduation reqirements for the students enrolled in HYMC's Yoga Alliance (YA) registered TTP300 program.  Certification form our TTP300 program qualifies a student for registration with YA as a RYT500 certified teacher.  To register in the HYMC TTP300 program, a student should have completed TTP200 (200 hour) certification program from HYMC.  Students who have completed a 200 hour program certification from another YA registered yoga school are required to complete Meditation I program before graduating in addition to the requirements below.

  • Complete the 12 monthly modules in the following subjects at Himalayan Yoga & Meditation Center for a total of 168 contact and 24 non-contact (self study) hours :

Advanced Hatha - I, II, & III

Hatha for persons with special needs

Prajayama Theory and Techniques

Yoga Philosophy - I, & II

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Yoga Anatomy & Physiology

Sanskrit pronunciation (alphabet, Asanas, and Mantras)

Pranic body (Chakras, Subtle, and Causal Body)

Ayurveda - Introduction to science of long life

  • Complete 16 contact hours:

Attend one HYMTA annual retreat (16 contact hours)

  • Complete 25 contact hours:

Attend Elective Saturday Workshops at the center (25 contact hours)

  • Complete 9 contact hours:

Completion of Meditation level II classes at HYMC (9 hr).                                               

  • Complete 16 contact hours:

Teaching yoga at HYMC

  • Complete 28 contact hours as follows:           

Monthly Sunday scripture study group (8 x 1.5 hr each)

Monthly Global Full Moon Meditation (8 x 1 hr each)

Quarterly HYMTA meetings (4 x 2 hr each)

  • Complete 3 non-contact hours by submitting for review, a 30 day meditation journal
  • Complete 3 non-contact hours by submitting for review, a 30 day food journal
  • Complete 8 non-contact hours by performing selfless service at the center.

Our founder, Sri Swami Rama, spoke of the importance of doing seva (selfless service) for one’s spiritual progress.   HYMC is a non-profit organization that relies on its members for support by freely giving their time at the center. We felt that this should be an important part of the teachers training program.   Therefore, sometime during the program you will be required to fulfill your seva to the Himalayan Lineage by giving 4 hours of your time. Please see the director for projects to complete the hours.         

  • Complete and pass a take home test.
  • Pass written on-site tests for selected modules covering the curriculum.  Each test for the prior module will be given at the beginning of the first day of the following module.
  • Pass board evaluation

Initiation into Himalayan Tradition and receive a personal mantra, unless the student has already been initiated during TTP200 program.           

Each student has up to two years to complete the TTP300 program. The certification from this program will qualify the student for Yoga Alliance’s RYT 300 registration.

New students can enroll in September of each year to register in the HYMC TTP300 program.

For an application, please contact HYMC at 847-221-5250.

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