300 Program Policies

Himalayan Yoga & Meditation Center

300 Hour Teachers Training Program Policies


  • The registration fee for the 300 Hr Teachers Training Program is $250 payable at start of the program.

  • Individual module fees are based upon the module’s length. The module fee is due on or prior to the first day of the module class.  There is a discounted consolidated program fee option available which covers all modules.

  • Students entering the 300 Hr Teachers Training Program must complete HYMC’s 200 TTP before applying. The graduates of other YA registered TTP200 schools are invited to register, but they would also need to take Meditation I class before graduation.

  • The program modules can be completed in one year however, students have two years to graduate. A grace period of one year is permitted for extenuating circumstances along with an admistrative fee of $50 for each additional year.

  • Students living within 35 miles from the center must take their Hatha classes at the HYMC.

  • The students must register with payment one week in advance of the class date for the module they plan to take.  In case of extenuating circumstances causing the student to miss a pre-paid module, the student will be reimbursed for the fees minus 5% as administrative expenses. HYMC reserves the right to re-schedule a weekend class module due to insufficient student registration.

  • An initiation into the Himalayan Tradition with receiving of a personal mantra is highly recommended for students prior to graduation.

  • The students are required to take the workshops that are designed as part of our TTP300 curriculum at HYMC.

  • Students need to pass written exams for those modules that have an exam. In addition, the students need to complete on essay style take home exam for graduation.  Take home test is pass/fail, and on-site test passing grade is 80%.

  • Completed attendance logs, food and meditation journals must be turned in at least one month before completion of the program.

  • A faculty evaluation will be held to assess a student’s readiness to graduate.


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