300 Program Curriculum

Himalayan Center's TTP 300 is a Yoga Alliance registered teacher training program offered to yoga teachers who have completed the TTP 200 teacher training program with HYMC or another Yoga Alliance registered accredited yoga teacher training school.   Our TTP 300 program is based on the advanced practices and philosophy of Himalayan masters as taught by Swami Rama and Swami Veda Bharati.  The program is designed for those who wish to advance their training and become advanced yoga teacher with a YA registered program.  The program is also suitable for those who simply want to deepen their knowledge of yoga, and wish to become steeped in deeper aspects of yoga and meditation leading to personal spiritual growth.

For those who are seeking to deepen their knowledge focused in certain specific areas of yoga science and philosophy, they can register in individual modules without registering in the TTP300 certification program.  To obtain credit for attending a module towards TTP300 certification, the student must be already registered in the TTP300 program.

  • Program based upon authentic ancient yoga and meditation teachings in Himalayan Tradition

  • Comprehensive program covering advanced yoga/meditation philosophy and practices

  • Modular in design with one module delivered each month..

  • Each Module taught over a weekend (Sat-Sun 7 hr each day)
  • Pay as you go after initial registration is complete.  Module (or workshop) fees collected at the time when attending the module (or workshop).

  • Program length of 2 years with one year grace period for extenuating circumstances.
  • All Modules, Workshops and classes held at the Himalayan Center in Palatine.

  • The Retreat held in Chicago metro area

Our TTP 300 program includes mentoring for personal growth both as a teacher and at a personal level.

The program consists of seminars/workshops, weekend retreats (in Chicagoland area), teaching practicums with guidance, and personal work.  Graduation requirements include tests and a board review.

Our teachers are highly qualified in their respective fields including individuals with advanced degrees.  We feature seminars/workshops with traveling teachers who are world reknowned in the areas they teach.

New students can register to start in March or October of each year.

After completion, this program will qualify a student for Yoga Alliance’s RYT 300 teacher registration.

For an application, please contact HYMC at 847-221-5250.



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