About 200 Hour Program




200 hour certification program distribution of hours:



  • Teachers Training Program (2nd Sunday of the month) 66.0 hr

  • Teach 6 Sadhaka Sundays (4th Sunday of the month) 18.0 hr

  • Meditation Class (6 weeks) 7.5 hr

  • Ethics class (3 hours) 3.0 hr

  • Home Study (12 months) 15.0 hr

  • One Hatha Class at HYMC 65.0 hr


Total 174.5 hr



The following are ways in which student can earn the remaining hours to accumulate a total of 200 hours.

Hours per class


To inquire about (or to join) the program please contact Pat Constabileo.

Web Payments - Please login via the LOGIN button.  After login is complete, please select "TTP200 Payments" menu option to make payment.

200 Teachers Training Program Policies

  • Exams are scheduled to be taken before the Teachers Training class begins. Students should arrive by
  • 8:15 am. The exam will begin promptly at 8:30 am. Make up for missing the exam is on Sadhaka Sunday or next scheduled Teachers Training class.
  • Exam passing grade is 80%. If you do not meet the required percent then student has the opportunity to retake the exam.  
  • If student has taken the exam twice and has not met the required grade. Student must repeat that particular class.
  • Students living within a 35 mile radius must take their Hatha classes at the center.
  • Delinquent in monthly payment:
  • If student is more than one month delinquent; student will not be permitted to attend the training program until funds are paid up. 
  • Evaluation of student log will take place 6 months after starting program. Completed log must be turned in the end of February.
  • Evaluation of readiness to graduate.


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