Qigong Class

with Emmett Sylvester
Tuesdays - 7:00 to 8:15 PM

Qigong (Qi-intelligent energy, Gong-transformation through enjoyable action) is a mixture of slow, gentle body movements, incorporating meditation, sound healing, visualization, imagination, and breath work. Anyone can do the qigong exercises, either standing or sitting. It activates self-healing by tapping into universal superconscious energies we all have access to.

People that have taken Qigong Quantum Healing classes have noticed synchronicities from their Spirit which intentionally guide them to their life's purpose and peaceful abundance in many areas of their life. To love and to be loved is the most powerful healing energy – this is the foundation of Qigong Quantum Healing.

For a drop-in class, please register by clicking on the class in all events calendar, or come directly to the center prior to the class and pay $18 fee.

The regular Hatha punch pass is used to attend the Qigong class.  To purchase a Hatha punch pass please to to Hatha program page by clicking here.

* To purchase a Single Session pass, please come to the center and contact your teacher.




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