Hatha Yoga

What is Hatha Yoga?

Hatha is a collection of physical exercises called postures or asanas. These postures are designed to strengthen and align your muscles, organs and spine. They also focus on your breath, which helps you to disengage from the stresses of the outside world. The increased strength, flexibility and concentration gained through asana practice provide the stamina required for meditation.

Hatha Yoga Descriptions

All Levels: This class is designed for the student who would like a mid-day break to reduce stress, improve flexibility, strength, and overall health. Suitable for all levels.

Cancer Survivors: This gentle class will increase lymphatic movement, help move toxins from organs, move fluids through joints and aid in calming the nervous system.

Gentle: This class is for the student new to yoga or in need of a gentler class due to age, illness or injury.

Hatha Vinyasa: Vinyasa practice building strength and flexibility at a comfortable pace where alignment is emphasized.

Himalayan Style: This class follows a specific sequence as taught by Swami Rama of the Himalayas.  It incorporates breathing techniques and ends with a brief meditation. Class is without music.

Himalayan Intermediate: Blend of Himalayan Style and Intermediate Level which builds strength internally as well as externally. Cultivates concentration, endurance and explores asanas with advanced variations.

Intermediate: This class builds strength both internally as well as externally. We cultivate concentration and endurance and explore asanas with advanced variations for experienced students.

Level 1 & 2: This class is for all levels of experience and ability. It is a gentle, systematic introduction to basic postures, relaxation and breathing.

Restorative: This gentle, therapeutic yoga uses props to support the body to deepen the benefits of the poses. A soothing and nurturing practice promoting conscious relaxation.

Vinyasa Flow: Build strength and flexibility in this multi-level class.  Link breath and movement in a flowing yoga practice.

Yoga for Athletes: Designed to enhance athletic performance by increasing flexibility, endurance and balance. Suitable for athletes of all sports and levels, this class will help with focus and reduce risk of injury and increase performance. Non-athletes welcome to join and build your practice.

Yoga in the Park: Celebrate summer with yoga in the park on one saturday each summer month (July 22nd, August 19th, and September 16th) weather permitting.  Yoga in the Park will be held in the Palatine Square park Gazebo near Palatine and Smith streets.  Use your punch pass or drop-in. 

Sun Salutation Series: Learn the technique and gracefulness of this asana series along with its benefits for mind and body. The series taught with integration of solar mantras.